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Weald of Kent Computer Club

The events calendar is published every six months about six weeks before the previous one expires.

Any unforseen changes to the calendar will be published here.

Change Log

The subject of the January meeting has had to change for medical reasons. The photo editing subject will be included later in the year.

17th January

A quick review of the latest computer security threats, followed by, Creating a photographic presentation using your photos and videos.

21st February

A comprehensive look at Security in a world dependent on computers. Given by Phil Birch of Highway Learning and Support.

21st March

Displaying a smartphone screen on your TV. Synchronising data between internet connected devices.

18th April

Using e-mail smartly. Compare and contrast email programs and webmail.

16th May

Windows 10. Keeping abreast of developments including the latest major upgrade.

All meetings start at 7:30pm and continue for approximately 2 hours