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Weald of Kent Computer Club

The events calendar is published every six months about six weeks before the previous one expires.

Any unforseen changes to the calendar will be published here.

Change Log

A change to the meeting of 20th September.
The original subject of the meeting was covered in depth in May.

17th May

Keeping your computer safe in light of the current security situation and in particular, how to avoid contributing to the problem.
If there is time we will follow with:
Preparing a PowerPoint type presentation.

21st June

The basics of Office type suites of programs. Where things are hidden.

19th July

A review of Windows 10 including finding where the common functions have moved to.

20th September

Producing a PowerPoint type presentation in a variety of software

18th October

AGM followed by:
Using a computer to organise yourself. Diaries and lists.

15th November

A session on Genealogy entitled:
“From Cave Records to Digital Clouds”.

All meetings start at 7:30pm and continue for approximately 2 hours