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Weald of Kent Computer Club

The events calendar is published every six months about six weeks before the previous one expires.

Any unforeseen changes to the calendar will be published here.

Change Log

If you would like an invitation to the meeting, please contact the Secretary at the email address on the “Location” page.

19th May 2021

A meeting using Zoom Video conferencing. Covering:

General Computer News.

The Spring update to Windows

Changes to Local Number dialling on your landline

Various scams that have been making the news.

How the concept of the “Cloud” is affecting more of the services we access particularly health and banking.

Hidden, useful features in Windows 10 like the enhanced clipboard and snip and sketch.

Another look at the Windows 10 Photos app.

And if we have time:

Using a PowerPoint type program to create a slide show.

Using a smartphone as a replacement for a Camera.

Members questions.

Any subjects we don’t get to will form the basis of next months meeting.

All meetings start at 7:30pm and continue for approximately 2 hours